About WICR, Inc

Situated in Palm Springs, California, WICR, Inc., is a waterproofing and decking construction company that has more than 17 years of service in the Southern California area. WICR, Inc., also has California offices in Palm Springs, Fullerton, and San Diego with another in Las Vegas, Nevada. WICR, Inc., has two separate departments to serve customers’ needs: new construction, which handles commercial and residential projects, and the maintenance department, which manages the repairs and maintenance to existing industrial, residential, and commercial designs. WICR, Inc., which stands for Wanke Industrial Commercial Residential, works closely with many customers, including architects, property managers, homeowners, and contractors.

Founded in 1997 by Fred Wanke, WICR, Inc., grew over the years to have currently more than 30 field personnel, four sales representatives, and a sales manager. Most of the team leaders at WICR, Inc., have more than eight years of experience at the company. In addition, these team leaders successfully complete the OSHA 30-hour safety-training course, while all the employees pass the 10-hour OSHA certification program. Its employee recognition program rewards them for their dedication to the business.


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